What is the perfect dress shoe? AND


Would not it be nice to have shoes that are also comfortable? This is not as imposable as you may think. Armed with a tricolor fashion expert you can not find a gorgeous evening shoes that you can wear.

What is the perfect dress shoe? I think you would have to do it sexy and elegant, match your evening outfits and be comfortable for walking and dancing.

The reason why women think they are the most expensive shoes. But they want to look for the prom, wedding or evening banquet, bridge women will put up with sore feet. You do not have to, though.

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Here are some tips that will help you find the "perfect" evening shoes: 

All dress shoes have heels. Of course - high heels, make a good posture. However, you do not have to wear 4-inche heels to get all these benefits. Go for kitten style heels - about 2-inches high. They are more stable and comfortable.

Another way to get comfortable heels is to choose wedge-heel shoes. Even if the heel is high, they are easy to walk and do not even feel the height. By the way, wedge heels are quite fashionable this year.

About 50% of evening shoes are made from fabric, if you can afford it, always go for genuine leather shoes. Quality leather has an amazing ability to make your feet feel better than synthetics.

Get your outfit first and match the shoes to it; do not do it the other way around. It will be very difficult to find a color that would match perfectly, though. Black evening shoes are classic - they work with any dark colored outfit. If your dress is in a pastel color, try ivory shoes; soft, warm ivory usually works better than pure white.

Avoid straps; they may be sexy but they also have a pain .. Instead, choose dress shoes with a longer, enclosed toe. This style always look very elegant.

Go for shoes with a soft, cushioned upper lining. A leather lining is preferable. If your perfect shoes have a very hard sole, get cushioned comfort inserts; they're sticky on one side, for attachment to the sole of your shoe. Most online and traditional shoe stores sell them.

Make sure the shoes are your correct size. Shoes that are too small or too big.

So you see, it's possible to get and wear beautiful evening shoes without suffering. Keep these tips in mind, when you buy shoes, you should make you happy.



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